• Almost every loan agreement is revocable

    The ECJ again found that almost all loan agreements are revocable. Find out more now!

  • The exhaust scandal

    We support you against the manufacturers and get your money back!

  • Flight delayed?

    We enforce your passenger rights against the airlines!


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In addition to private individuals, our clients also include start-ups, medium-sized and large companies.

We take time for your individual concerns. Simply contact our law firm in Regensburg, Landshut, Munich or Erfurt. Our lawyers are happy to take the time to deal with your case and can usually give you an initial consultation over the phone. If your legal problem is particularly extensive, we can arrange a meeting for you in our Offices in Regensburg, Landshut, Munich or Erfurt .

Our lawyers specialize in various areas of law. We can therefore always offer you the appropriate lawyer / specialist lawyer and thus the best possible advice from a single source.

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exhaust scandal

We represent you in

exhaust scandal

We represent you in the emissions scandal against Audi, BMW, Porsche, Skoda, VW etc.

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