Many companies have currently ordered short-time work. Short-time working is basically aimed at bridging a temporary loss of work requirements without dismissing employees. Nonetheless, there are more and more cases in which the employer has ordered short-time work for an employee, but then terminates the employee during the short-time work. Many employees rightly ask themselves: Can the employer [...]

Due to the current developments in connection with the corona virus, many employees have questions about work and salary.

If an employee commits a crime, in addition to being punished by the law enforcement authorities, in many cases he also risks that his employer has an employment relationship

A reason for the termination is usually not given. For many employees, the question then arises whether the employer can give notice without giving a reason.

Employers increasingly require their employees to continue their education or further training. The constant training and the acquisition of additional qualifications cost money however. Many employers assume these training costs for their employees, but want to ensure that

In some industries, employees and salaried employees also receive a revenue share in addition to a basic salary. In some cases, employees even receive only a revenue share as the only salary paid.

These questions are many workers who have to 31.12.2018 still leave from the year 2018 and want to take this now in 2019. Due to the latest decisions of the European Court of Justice, many employees will now be eligible for a transfer to the following year

In this context, the BDSG applicable to Germany was also reformed to a considerable extent. For labor law data protection, this means a few innovations. We will show you selected examples of where new data protection regulations come to fruition and where the previous legal position on employee data protection continues to apply.

The termination of an employment relationship must be in writing. This applies both to dismissal by the employer and by the employee. Written means according to § 126 BGB, that the termination letter must be signed by the terminator by hand.