In the age of the Internet, a good reputation is more important than ever for entrepreneurs and service providers - all too often these days, the customer's first contact is via search engines such as Google.

In contrast to the EU, there is no uniform data protection law in the USA. Because of federalism in the United States, existing laws are limited to individual areas or states.

Simply put, a cookie on a website helps a user recognize and facilitate surfing the site. For example, a website can remember what was in a shopping basket, even if the website was closed.

Not only the operators of face fines and imprisonment. The customers of the file-sharing platform should not weigh in security either.

Individual software is software that has been created for the special purpose of a particular user and is then given to him permanently.

Many will know the problem: a name for the new business idea has been found - all that is missing now is the right domain. But then comes the disillusionment: "The domain is already taken". Who had the idea for this domain?

That may only be a matter of time before the first warnings arrive. Because there are numerous laws and regulations that you have to consider when operating an online store on Amazon, eBay and Co. The focus is also on information obligations under the Battery Act (BattG) and the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG).

Do you want to transfer your customers' personal data from the EU to the USA? Then you should start thinking now whether the EU-US Privacy Shield might be the right legal basis for the transmission of data to the USA for your company. Because data protection is also an important issue between the EU and the USA, [...]

Granted, this article has nothing to do with our regular articles. Nevertheless, we did not want to deny the solution to the above problem with MacOS High Sierra (10.13.6) and MacOS Mojave (10.14.) To anyone.