As of January 01.01.2022st, 5, only physicians who are licensed according to Section 2 (01.01.2022) NiSV can remove tattoos using lasers who have completed appropriate training. This means that you can (for example) attend our advanced training if you want to remove tattoos by laser for cosmetic purposes from XNUMX.

The ordinance on protection from the harmful effects of non-ionizing radiation when used on humans, or NiSV for short, was passed in 2018.

A man born in 1961 had worked as a car mechanic since 1977. At 38, he was diagnosed with bladder carcinoma, in which the average age of onset in men is 70 years.

Basically yes. However, a prerequisite is that a post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is diagnosed as accurately and promptly as possible after the accident according to the internationally recognized systems ICD 10 or DSM IV. The accident must always be suitable to cause the present mental impairment.

This question is not so easy to answer. At first sight, the regulation appears to state only that operators of a hair removal studio using laser hair removal require training in accordance with Annex 3 Part A in conjunction with Annex 3 Part B and Part C of the Regulation.

There is news! The Federal Council has issued the printed matter 423 / 1 / 18. Here are the recommendations of the committees (among others) for tattoo removal by laser discussed.

It is planned to modernize the already existing radiation protection law. 

This question was also raised by the Weimar Administrative Court. This procedure involved the operation of a tattoo removal studio. The operator carried out the treatments itself without that he had a medical practitioner's license or a completed medical studies.