A significant number of travelers these days no longer book their flight tickets directly with the airline or a travel agency; when looking for bargains

Like British Airways, Lufthansa canceled its flights to and from China because of the corona virus.

Does an airline have to reimburse the passenger for the cost of a new flight ticket if it has made two separate flight bookings and a delay in the first flight leads to a missed flight?

We show you in which cases you have a chance of compensation of € 250, € 400 or € 600 per person if you cancel due to a strike.

If a flight is delayed by more than 3 hours, the passenger is entitled to a flat-rate compensation payment of 250, - €, 400, - € or 600, - € against the performing airline.

We'll tell you how to get double the money from the airline!

We show you how to defend yourself against a downgrade and what rights you have! Have you taken the luxury of enjoying your flight in Premium Economy, Business Class or even First Class?

The ECJ was clearly wrong on this point! We have already reported on the judgment of the Stuttgart Regional Court of December 07.12.2017th, 5 (Az. 103 S 17/5), according to which the damage to an aircraft tire by a foreign object on the runway is not an exceptional circumstance in terms of S. d. Art 3 Para. XNUMX of the Passenger Rights Regulation and the passenger accordingly [...]

German air travelers not only use the domestic Lufthansa or Condor, but often also fly with foreign airlines. If this is due to a flight delay or

The focus of the pilot strike is in Germany, where 250 flights have been canceled. In Germany alone, around 42.000 passengers are affected. Many passengers are now wondering what rights and opportunities they have, in particular whether they are entitled to a flat-rate compensation payment under the European passenger rights regulation.