The police - your friend and helper - are facing more and more disrespect and violence.

The horror idea for every business economist: Although you think you are supposedly safe due to the closed business closure or business interruption insurance during Corona times, the insurance refuses to pay.

As early as 2019, the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) confirmed in two rulings (BGH VI ZR 438/17 and BGH VI ZR 447/17) that the claims for damages of the "Securenta" investors (Göttingen Group) against management consulting and auditing companies of the financial group are statute-barred.

The way to and from the insured activity is according to Section 8 (2) No. 1 SGB VII is covered by the statutory accident insurance. A break in the route for private reasons means that insurance cover is no longer applicable. For example, the protection is interrupted during private purchases on the way home. However, the insurance coverage is revived when the [...]

Since my new car can be picked up soon, I have on my current for sale. After a few days, a potential interested party who asked very strangely, if all the data of my offer are really correct. Then he would like to buy my car.

Phishing is a fictional word composed of "password" and "fishing". It stands for the stealing of access data or passwords. Phishing is not always the same.

The German Honorarordnung für Architekten Ingenieure (HOAI) sets binding minimum and maximum rates for the remuneration of architects and engineers.

German air travelers not only use the domestic Lufthansa or Condor, but often also fly with foreign airlines. If this is due to a flight delay or

The focus of the pilot strike is in Germany, where 250 flights have been canceled. In Germany alone, around 42.000 passengers are affected. Many passengers are now wondering what rights and opportunities they have, in particular whether they are entitled to a flat-rate compensation payment under the European passenger rights regulation.