Hardly a day goes by in German road traffic without an accident. According to the Federal Statistical Office, there was a traffic accident every 2015 seconds on average in 13.

Often the nasty surprise after buying a used car is not long in coming: As soon as the purchase price has been paid and the first kilometers have been driven, the on-board computer reports or other - partly hidden - defects appear,

Regardless of whether it is a financed car purchase with a documented right of return or residual value leasing: Usually the (new) dream car is already planned in before the final installment is paid - just like the amount of the final installment itself.

The commissioned lawyer must keep an eye on a variety of different damage items and assert them against the opponent of the accident or his liability insurer.

Since my new car can be picked up soon, I have on mobile.de my current for sale. After a few days, a potential interested party who asked very strangely, if all the data of my offer are really correct. Then he would like to buy my car.

If you have sustained a (non-culpable) traffic accident and your vehicle is no longer usable as a result of a repair or (total) damage, you are entitled to the replacement of rental car costs. However, if you do not need a rental car, you can claim the so-called loss of use from your opponent.