Termination due to personal needs - in addition to termination due to arrears in arrears - is the most common type of termination in legal practice.

The short-term rental of apartments via switching platforms such as Airbnb or Wimdu has been popular for quite some time.

You are the owner / landlord of a flat or a house? Then you know the problem with difficult tenants. But which ways are there for owners / landlords to shorten the period from the termination of the lease by notice until the actual eviction of the apartment and thereby save cash?

Tenants are increasingly offering their home on Airbnb or other similar portals for temporary subletting to tourists. The daily rental to tourists is financially lucrative for the tenant and because of the short period of time is often waived to obtain the permission of the landlord for the transfer of use to third parties.

Frequent change of tenant is a problem for landlords: Due to frequent moves not only the rented apartment is affected, it also arises for the landlord with each new lease either an enormous amount of time (advertise, contact, viewing appointments, conclusion of contract, etc.)