Almost all schools test their students in class with so-called corona rapid tests. But are these tests even compliant with data protection?

In contrast to the EU, there is no uniform data protection law in the USA. Because of federalism in the United States, existing laws are limited to individual areas or states.

Do you want to transfer your customers' personal data from the EU to the USA? Then you should start thinking now whether the EU-US Privacy Shield might be the right legal basis for the transmission of data to the USA for your company. Because data protection is also an important issue between the EU and the USA, [...]

In this context, the BDSG applicable to Germany was also reformed to a considerable extent. For labor law data protection, this means a few innovations. We will show you selected examples of where new data protection regulations come to fruition and where the previous legal position on employee data protection continues to apply.

The time has already come on 25 May 2018. The new data protection regulation will become law throughout the EU on this day. In many legal areas - from employee data protection to video surveillance - the GDPR provides for considerable need for action.